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Welcome to Busy Dad

Busy Dad was created by Peter Bayliss to provide holistic support for Busy Dads worldwide.

Through his own experience and research, Peter identified that while there are a lot of resources that address specific areas of need, dads required broad support to help them overcome problems in their lives and become the best person they could be.


“I am really good at helping others lift their weights and burdens in their lives, and I’ve been doing it since I was a teenager.”  Peter

Meet Peter

Peter Bayliss is a father of four, husband, coach, musician, business owner, accountant.

Peter applies his extensive experiences and research to improve busy dads lives around the world.

Read more about Peter here.

How Peter Can Help You

Life can be quite overwhelming and all of us need regular support.

Peter provides help through personalised one on one coaching.  Peter works with his coaching clients to identify areas of need and develops a coaching program to suit.  If you would like to have Peter work with you as your personal coach please see COACHING.

Peter also writes regular articles, blog posts, podcasts and social media posts which are all aimed to serve and help.

Peter is a confident public speaker with interesting and motivational stories that always have clear takeaways and actions for attendees. To discuss bookings please email Peter.


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